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Hunting costs Vaalkrans




Vaalkrans is the perfect meeting place where hunters begin a week of hunting in various places on the hunter's chosen trophies. 
We make a quotation in advance of which game we can hunt where. From Cape buffalo to lion.

You can opt for walk & stalk or hunt from a hide on the 200 ha fenced hunting area. On the grounds there is a rich assortment of game that can be hunted at normal prices. On Vaalkrans you can hunt with carbine or bow. In the gallery below you can find an overview of the species present on Vaalkrans.

In addition, it is of course possible to hunt just about any African game species in the area. You choose the game species you prefer and put together your own budget.


In addition to hunting with carbine, is also bowhunt a hot item for which Vaalkrans also has facilities. We put together packages specifically for bow hunters to spend an unforgettable time with us.



  • Transport for hunting outside Vaalkrans with the VW Combi (€0.60/km)

  • Cost of injured and/or lost animals as determined by the PH.

  • Rifle temporary import / export permit.

  • Rent of guns and ammunition unless stated in writing prior to arrival.

  • All taxidermy work, packaging, dipping and shipping of trophies to final destination.

  • Government licenses and miscellaneous fees if and where applicable.

  • Tips to the PHs and staff.

Wild species on Vaalkrans

Donker hout

Trophy Gallery Vaalkrans


Via the button below you can see the trophy gallery of the game that was shot at Vaalkrans. Did you take photos yourself and would you like to see them? Just email them to and we'll make sure they're added.

Meet Vaalkrans...




For 24 years, I have been a true South Africa fan and after 35 years of working as an entrepreneur in retail, I have now passed that baton to my daughter.  The sale of my house has given me the financial space and time to buy a gamelodge in my favourite country South Africa.  

I do not stay there permanently but travel up and down each time indefinitely.  The lodge is located between Heilbron and Edinville a 2-hour drive from Johannesburg heading south to Kroonstad. 

Vaalkrans is a 200ha fenced area. On this beautiful piece of forest land in a valley in the Free State province, giraffe, springbok, impala and many other species live among the many ponds. The "vale wreath" from which the location gets its name, shows itself beautifully at sunrise and guarantees unforgettable photos during walks and safari tours. It is an ideal place to stay there for a few days (or longer). 

It is great for acclimatising and already enjoying the wildlife on a photo safari. 


This 5-star lodge has four double rooms, one of which is the master bedroom/wedding suite. This brings the number of sleeping places in the main lodge to 12+. During your stay in this spacious restful accommodation, you will smell and taste the authentic African atmosphere. There are several kitchens that contain everything and, of course, some large outdoor bays (bbq). The living room has a large-screen TV and free Wi-Fi. Guests can enjoy great views over the estate from the pool, terrace and rondavel.There is also a separately situated bundu hunting camp for 6 where the braai and terrace guarantee team building, friendships and conviviality. A small team of workers/cleaners and a daily board are permanently on the estate. They arrange pick-up and drop-off with our own transport to the airport, as well as the many possible excursions to places of interest in the area or far beyond. 


The main language of South Africa is English. In many areas, most people speak mostly farmer-African which can be understood well by us.


Worth knowing

  • Ask your provider beforehand how to use your phone cheapest, normal calling is very expensive, but with WhatsApp it is very cheap. A recommendation is the app Airalo. An E-sim that gives you perfect 4g coverage and no need to buy an extra SIM card locally.

  • We drive on the left in nice and good cars. The roads are good except the small inner roads where sometimes there are blowholes as big as a bathtub.  

  • Do not give tips directly to workers or trackers, but do it through us so that we can make an equal division of it. We want to avoid the chance of mutual quarrels.  

  • For everything, "asking costs nothing" is better than just trying or doing something. 

  • Don't wear gold chains or expensive watches in a city like Johannesburg (or Amsterdam ;-))   

  • Don't take a pack of Rands out of your pocket to pay somewhere. Pay by bank card or credit card anywhere, to us you can transfer or pay in cash



At Vaalkrans, hunting can be limited because the (relatively) small 200ha plot of land has (only) 150 animals, but we hunt in a much larger area around Heilbron where other and multiple species can be hunted. The most frequently asked question is what the shooting prices are and that question is also the most difficult to answer. In ZA, we have multiple species and ways of hunting. On Vaalkrans, this is Walk-&-Stalk, but the most commonly used way is Drive-&-Stalk. The reviers where hunting is carried out are (mostly) fenced areas of 20 to 20,000 ha, but hunting in free game range is of course also possible. 

So the most commonly chosen way of hunting is Drive-&-Stalk. That is with one or more hunters on an all-terrain vehicle with a PH (personal hunter) and trackers looking for and apprehending game. Mooring from a hide is also sometimes used at a feeding or watering place. Drive hunts are less popular, but are held to catch game. Even an area being hunted often has an excess of game and the game is driven into a BOMA and disposed of after selection. 

There is also biltong hunting, biltong is the dried meat you come across as a delicacy everywhere. Where we put chips on the table, Afrikaners put biltong on the table. This way is done almost exclusively by South Africans themselves for the simple reason that drying takes several weeks and the meat cannot be taken on a plane. For biltong hunters, the trophy doesn't matter. They prefer female game to a big bull. This is where the big price differences come in. You can shoot a springbok for e.g. €110 for biltong at a site with no sleeping place or a Kalahari springbok trophy at a 5-star hunting site for €450. I see prices for a buffalo hunt of €2,500, for a female animal on a pasture, and prices to above €15,000 for an old bull with horns that barely fit in a crate in an area that is still pristine and where you sleep in a 5-star lodge. Each company has its own image and manner with a price list attached.

Some examples

Vaalkrans game lodge arranges and offers something for everyone. Let us know your requirements and we will find it for you.

  • You want to hunt some "bucks" with your youngest son? You don't have to cross all of southern Africa to do so. You can do it with us or near us. 

  • You want to hunt birds at a fixed spot in the morning and hunt a buck in the afternoon, this is possible within a radius of 100 km.  

  • You want to hunt a lion or buffalo bull during the hunt of a lifetime? We go a long way north (e.g. in Limpopo) where lion and buffalo hunting is allowed with the right permits and the right people. 

  • You would like to go on a trip with your family and hunt (a bit) in the process. No problem; a guide and driver will take you to museums, game reserves or other destinations using our own transport. We can then split up into travellers who go sightseeing and hunters who try their luck somewhere else. 

  • Try to think about what you want to shoot in advance, so we can take that into account. Adjusting on the spot is no problem.  

  • As a hunter, do you want to do a distant shot at a wildebeest or blesbok? We will then take you to the magnificent field in the bv Drakensberg Mountains and you decide how far and what you want to shoot under expert guidance. With the amazing light in Africa and our western telescopes, 100m to 1000m are possible. Don't feel like going back or further? Then we'll stay another night anyway!  

  • Not shooting and still enjoying yourself? No problem you decide your daily schedule, what you do and with whom. 

  • Hunting in South Africa is hunting as you wish. You decide your shooting here, how many and which animal you prefer and what fits your budget!

Day rate for hunting is €175/pp/day.

  • What's included?

    • Accommodation at Vaalkrans and all the other places we visit and stay overnight, food, braai wood, cool drinks, snacks and food along the way is included.

    • PH and trackers, butchers, and preparations for taxidermy.

    • Transport to and from the airport.

    • Use of local vehicles, use of weapons and entrances.

  • What's not included?  

    • Spirits and beer (€2.00)

    • Use of the VW caravelle costs €0.40 per km throughout the trip. 

    • Game shooting. The Vaalkrans price list applies in almost all cases. The game you hunt has a daily price. We will inform you in advance should this be different.


As mentioned, you hunt the very best game in ZA and make a choice to have it worked on as a trophy. Our regular preparer is one of the better (if not the best) in ZA is and can meet all your needs!  I have recently hung some of my trophies at the lodge and these give a good idea of their quality and capabilities. Prices for setting up will be given to you in advance by the preparer. These need to be paid before starting. You can transfer that there, or after returning home, or do it through us.


It is possible to bring your own weapons to ZA , but know that it is a mountain of paperwork. All calibres are allowed (except semi-auto). You should take care of the paperwork yourself and preferably together. You will receive the necessary invitation from us. Most places have guns that you can use there and these are included in the price.



Safety rules are basically the same all over the world, you are responsible for your own behaviour and shot. So is graciousness, of course. 


I have tried to give you an impression of the possibilities, costs and what can be done. Feel free to ask your question by email, or even better by phone. I don't know everything, but I come a long way with my team and circle of acquaintances. 


Hope to see you in breathtaking South Africa

Hans Van Gulik


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