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VAALKRANS GAMELODGE Heilbron, South Africa

Participation in the Company


Vaalkrans Game-Lodge is an estate owned by Hans van Gulik. It is an estate of approximately 200 hectares of beautiful nature reserve with several buildings in perfect condition. The estate is located near Heilbron in the heart of the Free State of South Africa. The property has a running business with goodwill, website and all movable assets including a large range of wildlife on the property.

Vaalkrans Game-Lodge is an estate that is ideally used or a great base for a photo safari, golf, visit to the Kruger Game Park and hunting the large assortment of wildlife found in South Africa.


As owner, I want to share the enjoyment of staying and using this property with multiple shareholders whereby costs and revenues are shared. The aim is to make the lodge more profitable with up to 10 shareholders so that the occupancy rate increases and it can also become the holiday home for the shareholder and his/her guests.

Investing as a shareholder of Vaalkrans Game Lodge is interesting, the accommodation has been rented out for years for meetings and gatherings, photo safaris and the like.

The estate has access to a groundsman who lives in one of the lodgings on the estate. The company's assets include a passenger van, a Defender safari jeep, a Ford tractor and several assets that are free to use.

Shareholders can freely share their investment with several, with the shareholder remaining the voting shareholder.  (So you can share your investment with several people if you wish)

The registration of the shareholder agreement and the financial transactions take place in the Netherlands where Dutch law applies.


Residence example 1:

A Vaalkrans partner will have the estate at his disposal for 5 weeks a year for his own use or rental, for this purpose a stay calendar will be made available on the internet where any planned commercial stays or activities will have priority. The visitor can occupy the accommodation or part of it with up to 12 guests for a usage fee, the minimum of which will be determined in due course.


Accommodation example 2:

The shareholder sends his/her guests to the Lodge and determines the stay price in consultation with his/her guests. The difference between determined costs and your price agreement is then your benefit


If your interest in this investment opportunity, please make an appointment with:

Hans van Gulik, tel. +31 653184632, mail:

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